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Tuesday 16 Jun 2020

ListReady is a pay-later solution for upfront advertising and marketing costs when selling your property.

Part of achieving a successful sale for your property is how your home is marketed for sale to the public. Portraying your home in its best condition is the best way to capture attention and draw enquiries.

This can be achieved through a number of ways, the most important being professional photography. Bright, clear photos of your property are the best way for people to view your property and gain interest. How these photos are seen is also very important, feature listings on Real Estate online portals such as and Domain are how many people find properties to buy. Combined with advertising on Social Media sites, print media and databases, photos will be seen by thousands of prospective buyers and having good quality photography is important for a good first impression. Video is another way to capture public attention for your property, showcasing the features and lifestyle of your property to potential buyers. These can be shared comprehensively on Social Media and sent to interested buyers.

At First National Real Estate Murwillumbah, we have partnered with ListReady, providing pay-later solutions for all marketing. With no deposit needed, ListReady provides instant funds that the Agent pays at settlement.

This is an ideal solution for Sales where marketing is not easily affordable, in the case of separation or joint sale in order to have your property listed as quickly as possible so our Agents can get to work getting you a Sale. 

Some Sales agents will offer to pay the cost of marketing on your behalf and take payment at settlement, however this can often mean that the agent is working to recoup their costs as quickly as possible and may not be aiming to get the best sale price for your property.

To find out how ListReady can help you get your property on the market, have a chat to a friendly First National Agent who will discuss the best marketing options for your property, and guide you through the ListReady process.


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