National Property Managers Day

Friday 31 Jul 2020

Last week, we celebrated the inaugural National Property Managers Day. Following on the events of COVID-19, this was a great reason to acknowledge the hard work off all Property Manager’s during this time.

Many tenants and landlords were impacted by COVID-19, and it was a time of uncertainty and worry for most. Property Managers were on the frontline, acting as intermediaries between parties and making sure that all parties were informed of their rights and responsibilities, especially as policies seem to change day to day.

At First National Murwillumbah, we were lucky enough to have Lana Mayo at the helm. Lana is an experienced Property Manager with over eight years of property experience. During COVID-19, Lana worked at a hectic pace to ensure that landlords and tenants were satisfied and secure, keeping everyone in the loop, with minimal arrears during this time.

Lana is more than just your average Property Manager, her caring nature and attention to detail, means tenants have their concerns tended to immediately and Landlords are confident in the management of their properties. Lana ensures that potential tenants are suitable for the property, and thoroughly vetted, keeping tenants and landlords up to date every step of the way.

After a morning tea to celebrate Lana’s hard work, it was back in the First National car to finish off another busy week. Thanks for all your hard work Lana!


If you wish to speak to Lana about managing your rental property, give us a call on (02)667 27828 or send an email to