Changing Managing Agents

Your investment property is important, but what happens when your current property management isn’t working for you? Vacant property, no inspection reports, tenants falling behind on rent , no one answering your calls?

Not every Property Management Agency is the best fit, but the idea of changing agencies may seem confusing and daunting.

Think you’re locked into a Managing Authority Agreement?

The good news is, you’re not. The Managing Authority Agreement in Australia means you just need to give your current agency  notice. We can help you through this process if you’re unsure of how to proceed.

The process is simple and easy

  • Give notice to your existing agency

This must be done in writing and is as simple as an email informing your exisitng agency that you will be no longer handling their services. We can prepare a termination letter addressed to your current agent, it just needs your signature.

  • You sign the new ‘Managing Agency Agreement’

This can be done in our office, or in person, and we will walk you through our processes and get to know your property.

  • We arrange transfer of management

We arrange to collect your property file, all releveant documents  and office copy of the keys from your previous agency.

  • Current tenant notified

We contact your current tenant in writitng and by phone call to inform them of the change in management. We introduce ourselves and familarise the tenant with the processes for paying rent and lodging maintence requests. If needed we will arrange a property inspection to update  the existing condition report. If you do not have a tenant in place, we will begin the process to advertise and lease your property.

  • We keep in touch

We will inform you of any maintanence needs, inspection reports and provide you with regualr rent reviews. You will receive a link to our PropertyMe program, keeping you up to date with your property.


It’s that simple!

Don’t settle for subpar property management. At First National Real Estate,  we understand the importance of a well managed investment property.


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