Facts and Questions for Renters

Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about renting a property through First National Murwillumbah. 


How do I apply for a rental property?  

You will need to complete an online application form. These are available by clicking the link that is shown in the advertising of the property.

When you click the link you will be prompted to create your own login details using your mobile or email. You will also be able to save your profile details use these to apply for other rental properties you are interested in without having to complete the whole application form again. 


Starting a tenancy

Congratulations, if you have been approved for a rental property, you can shortly occupy the property. Before you can move in, some things must be organised.

  • You must organise payment of the Bond – this is equal to 4 weeks rent.
  • You must pay 2 weeks rent in advance
  • You must sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement.
  • We will go through some important details with you, such as your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, the length of your lease, special conditions and how you pay your rent.
  • You will receive keys to the property.
  • You will be provided with an entry condition report for the property


What is Bond and how do I pay?

Bond is money held in security at the beginning of a tenancy in case the tenant does not follow the tenancy agreement. The bond is usually equal to 4 weeks rent and is held by NSW Fair Trading Rental Bonds Online (RBO) for the duration of the tenancy.

At the end of a tenancy, if the property is returned to its original state with no damages or outstanding arrears (minus fair wear and tear), the bond will be claimed through RBO with no deductions and they will deposit it in your bank account.

We do not accept cash in our office. We will send you a link to pay your bond online directly to Rental Bonds Online.


What is a Residential Tenancy Agreement?

This is a legally binding contract between the Landlord and Tenant that sets the terms and agreements of the lease. Every adult tenant needs to sign the Agreement, it covers parts such as how long your lease is, who will occupy the property, how much rent you will pay each week.  You will be provided with a copy of this Agreement once all parties have signed it.


What is a Condition Report?

The condition report is a document you receive at the beginning of a tenancy. This has been carefully compiled by the Property Manager and is a thorough detailing of the condition and cleanliness of the property before you move and will be used to compare the condition of the property when you vacate. You have 7 days to fill in and return the condition report.


How do I connect my electricity/phone/internet?

You can connect your utilities by contacting your chosen provider. We recommend a utility connection company Move Me In which will assist in helping to connect you.


How often will I have a routine inspection?

Your 1st Routine Inspection will be 8 weeks after your move in date. Routine inspections then occur approx. every 4 months. Our office aims to provide you with two weeks written notice before an inspection occurs, however the minimum required notice period is 7 days. You may choose to be present for the routine inspection; however you do not have to be home as we will use our office keys to let ourselves in and make sure to lock up when we are done. Routine inspections generally only take 15 minutes.

Routines are scheduled in advance and due to the busy schedule of the Property Managers, we are unable to reschedule your inspection except under extreme circumstances.


How much access does the Landlord or Property Manager get to my rental property?

The agent or landlord can only access your property under reasonable circumstances and they must give appropriate notice first unless in an emergency. You can read more at the NSW Fair Trading website.


Do I have to pay for water in my property?

This will be stated in your Residential Tenancy Agreement. Generally, if your property has water saving devices in place and is separately metered (does not share water supply with another property) then you will be required to pay for water consumption.


How do I lodge a maintenance request?

All maintenance requests must be delivered in writing. This can be done through your PropertyMe Tenant portal. You are provided with an email link to this when you first move into the property and can also access the login page via our website under the Renting tab at the top of the page. Please provide as much detail as possible and provide photos. If maintenance issues are found to be the fault of misuse or neglect, then you may be liable for the cost of the repairs.


What is an urgent repair?

Urgent repairs are required in situations such as:

  • A burst water pipe
  • Blocked or broken toilet
  • Fault/damage likely to cause injury
  • Serious roof leak
  • Fire damage
  • Failure or breakdown of essential service i.e. hot water, cooking, heating or cooling.
  • Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe

In the event of an urgent repair, contact our office immediately if in business hours. If it is outside business hours please call 0401 938 937 and leave a detailed message of the situation before referring to the emergency contact numbers in your tenancy agreement.


What do I do in an emergency?

If at any point you are in danger or you require emergency assistance, call 000.


I cannot pay my rent, what do I do?

If for whatever reason you are unable to pay your rent, do not wait until you are in arrears. Contact our office immediately and inform us of the problem. We will then be able to advise you accordingly.


Are my possessions covered by the Landlord’s insurance?

The landlord is not liable for any loss or damages to possessions or property belonging to the tenant. We advise you take out a contents or renters insurance policy.  


Help! I have pests or vermin in my house

If pests or vermin are in the premises before the tenant moves in, then the Landlord is responsible for the treatment of the problem. If pests and vermin occur after the tenancy begins, as a result of the tenant’s activities, then the tenant must organise treatment. 


Do I have smoke alarms in my rental property?

Yes, all rental properties must have smoke alarms installed which must be checked annually. Smoke alarms must not be removed or tampered with by a tenant unless you are replacing a battery.


Help! I’m locked out

If you are locked out during business hours, you are able to collect the office set of keys and return them within the hour. Out of business hours you will be required to contact a locksmith at your own cost.


Can I change the locks in my Rental Property?

Changing the locks without the consent of the landlord or reasonable excuse is considered a breach of the tenancy agreement. In circumstances where the locks must be changed, a copy of the keys must be provided to the Property Manager within 7 days. Tenants will need to pay for the cost of new locks.


Can I get a pet?

It is a decision of the Landlord to allow or restrict pets in a rental property. This can depend on the suitability of a property and the type of pet. As tenants have a responsibility not to cause nuisance, pets that make excessive noise or cause disruption may cause you to be in breach of your tenancy.

At the end of the tenancy, any damage made by your pet must be fixed or paid for. A flea treatment & carpet cleaning may need to be professionally carried out.


What day will my bins need to go out?

If you are unsure about what day the Red, Yellow and Green bins need to go out, you can check at the Tweed Shire Council website.


I am new to the area, what Public Schools are in the area?

You can see what school catchment zone you are in by visiting the NSW Public School Finder website. 


Moving out

If you decide to end your tenancy, you need to inform your Property Manager, in writing who will inform you of the next steps.


Do you have any more questions about renting a property? Ask us at reception@fnmurwillumbah.com.au